Sunday, 1 March 2015


After terrible neglect over the past year, I felt it was time for an update. Since my last entry, I have figured out how to use my sewing machine. Lovely thing, though at some point over the last century, the manual got separated from the machine itself. This little bugger was the main culprit of my inability to thread her properly:

Threading it was a bit of a disaster. However, with some help from visiting parents, a bit of oil and a sudden flash of inspiration, I got her up and running in the end. Despite being 4 times my age, she runs beautifully and at this rate, may very well outlive me...

Then, I found this lovely fabric. Owls. Who can possibly resist owls? Especially these adorable things?

At this point I have to make a little confession. My craft stash is... a little out of control. Starting out with one bag of scrap fabric, some cross-stitch material and a knitting bag... it has grown to slightly worrying dimensions over the past 2.5 years. Roughly 200 liters of storage-worrying dimensions. Oops.
Hence I wasn't allowed to buy this fabric unless I had an immediate goal.

This goal became pillows. Lots of them. It's an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of a sewing machine and they are reasonably straightforward. Only requires a little bit of manual sewing to close the last gap (not quite brave enough to try putting in a zip). With no place to store the finished product, my owl-loving friends and family may get non-optional presents (sorry!). Well, until my fabric runs out anyway. I am actually enjoying making pillows more than I thought I would. It's simple but satisfying. Even with my very limited skills you can make multiple in an afternoon and aren't they just gorgeous?

Talking of which... I may have an hour to spare right now...

p.s. If you have any tips of getting out the creases without an industrial-grade steamroller, please share in the comments! I've tried ironing them through a towel, but it had zero effect.

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